Feb 4, 2021

30. We'll be painting, talking, showing, selling, (and hopefully Donald will be funny!)

If you want to participate in the Live Sales portion of the evening, this is how it works: We'll show you items we are running low on or that we aren't able to get regularly, and if you see something you like, you type in SOLD (name of item) in the Chat window. Remember these are items that might sell out quickly or that we have very few of, so it behooves you to watch our Live Shows so you can grab those items before they're gone.

If you want to get your name in for a prize, you have to say HI (or something) in the Chat window, or Share, or some way for us to know that you are watching.

If you just want to join to hear our mindless banter, or learn some cool painting techniques, or find out about upcoming events, just check in at 5:30 every Wednesday! See you there!

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